About the Foundation

The Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation was established in February 2008, using the 221 paintings in the collection of Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd. as its fundamental endowment.
As president and CEO of Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd., and founder of the Foundation, Eiichiro Sudo spent many years pursuing the goal of creating safe and comfortable residential spaces through his gypsum-related business. Based on the conviction that a truly affluent society must be built through the fusion and harmony of both material and spiritual affluence, he strove to contribute to society in every way possible. These efforts led to his establishment of the Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation with the support of parties in various quarters, rooted in the aspiration of helping to build a truly affluent society.
For the purpose of supporting activities in the sphere of arts and culture, particularly in the field of art, the Foundation carries out the following: provision of grants to promote growth among young artists; provision of financial support for art-related international exchange; study, research and exhibitions for artwork in the Foundation’s collection; and operation of the Art Library and provision of documentary information to art researchers. In these ways and others, the Foundation strives to contribute toward the growth and advancement of art and culture in Japan.

Establishment: February 14, 2008
Chairperson: Eisaku Sudo, President & CEO, Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd.

I. Grants to Promote Growth among Young Artists

1. Financial aid for overseas study by young artists 
 This program provides financial aid for study by promising young artists under experienced instructors in other countries, with 
 the aim of encouraging young artists in their creative activities.
2. Financial support for exhibitions by young nihonga painters 
 This program provides financial support for domestic solo exhibitions in Japan by young artists working in the genre of nihonga
 (Japanese-style painting) in order to encourage them in their creative endeavors.

II. Financial Support for Art-related International Exchange

With the aim of contributing to more vibrant cultural exchanges with other countries, this program provides financial support for activities such as overseas solo and group exhibitions by Japanese artists, and art-related international conferences held in Japan.

III. Study, Research and Exhibitions for Yoshino Gypsum Collection

The Yoshino Gypsum Collection contains numerous pieces of high-quality art, and the Foundation is engaged in the study and research of these works. Please visit Yoshino Gypsum Collection Search for information on the collection. Part of these works are entrusted to and periodically exhibited by the Yamagata Museum of Art and Tendo City Museum of Art.
In addition, the Foundation proactively loans out works of art for exhibitions that share likeminded goals and aims. Every year, numerous Foundation works are sent out for display at museums throughout Japan.

IV. Operation of the Art Library and Provision of Documentary Information to Art Researchers

The Art Library’s collection consists mainly of materials related to modern European and modern Japanese painting, and current efforts are strongly focused on expanding the Library’s collection of books and exhibition catalogues related to the Yoshino Gypsum Collection. Anyone may view Library materials for free with an advance reservation.

V. Other Necessary Programs for Attainment of Foundation Goals

Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation
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